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7. Cf. pongiangia, tattooed traces round the nostrils ihu, the nose ponga, a pattern of wood-carving poniania, the lessen aspect of the nose pongi, the nostrils. Tahitian-cf. apooihu, the nostrils ihu, the nose paoa, the nostrils. Samoan – pogaiisu, the nostrils: E fa’a-umatia foi i latou i le manava o ona pogaiisu They are consumed by the breath of his nostrils. PONGIANGIA (pòngiangia), tattooed lines close to the nostrils. Samoan-pologa, a slave: Ua saoloto ai foi le pologa nai lona alii Then the slave is free of charge from his grasp. PONONGA, a captive, a slave: Ka ki atu te whaea o Maui ki nga pononga ‘Tikina he ahi i a Mahuika’-P. forty seven. 2. To repeat incantations: Ka ki atu a Whaitiri ki a Kaitangata kia whakaponohia-Wohl., Trans., vii. PONO, to gentle on, to occur upon: Pono tonu atu ki tona hoa a mate iho-Tiu., xix. To be perfectly in overall health in a position suitable healthy: A lele pono ka ike ma ka kua That he may well correctly (obviously) see behind him. It was previously broadcast overnight on free of charge-Porno To Watch-air UHF New Zealand Tv channel Prime (owned by SKY) this was discontinued in January 2010, reportedly because of to an expiring broadcasting license. Cf. raipoia, a dim or gloomy sky.

Mangarevan-cf. po, night time poki, cloudy, dark climate. Cf. po, night time, to be darkish. Cf. bo, night, darkness. POPO, POPOPOPO, rotten, worm-eaten, as timber: Kahore he popopopo rakau e tataka mai na-M. Whaka-PONONGA, to enslave: Kia whakaponongatia mai he Tupua. Mahon-Haft was also using his university laptop to visitors in CSEM. Ishida was buying and selling in CSEM from his university laptop or computer which include infants, toddlers, rape, bondage and beastiality. Samoan-popo, to be dry, as clothes, as an old canoe, &c. (b.) a cocoanut absolutely ripe (c.) a pig supplied for a feast at the birth of a youngster popopo (plural), to be dry (b.) to be whole of cocoanuts popopopo, to be really dry. Cf. popoteà, to be dry and inclined to rot inclining to rot popouli, the popo in its finest stage of ripeness. To rot, to be without having toughness, as worm – eaten timber rotten decayed to be rotten, as ropes or cords: A popo iho la kona mea paa ma kona lima The bands have been loosed (fell to parts) from his arms. POPO (popò), to crowd all over, to throng: Ka kite iho a Hekei i te iwi o te taua ra e popo ra ki te kakahu ra.

You can help you save cash by obtaining a pay as you go session with your design, and truly click on a tab for all of the record of types who settle for prepaid periods. Hackers can get to them as a result of malware — if you click a lousy website link or file and use code to flip on your webcam — maybe even disabling the camera’s LED mild(Opens in a new tab), so you would not know it truly is on. He provides it to a passing stripper, instructing her to use it for her subsequent dance. He designed his initially look of the year in Week 8, relieving Hurts for the remaining 10 minutes of the Eagles’ 35-13 earn around the Pittsburgh Steelers. In Part thirteen of SCP – Containment Breach, when he spends many minutes admiring a new aspect of the map he is just found. A limited time-lapse from April 17, 2010. About thirty minutes performed in eighteen 2nd. Hawaiian-cf. popo, a ball, a round mass popoai, a bunch or bundle of pounded kalo (taro) to encompass, to make a circle.

A combination of colours, as purple the mild indistinct shades of color in cloth (c.) the early dawn of early morning (d.) the anointing of a main or god to anoint (e.) to besmear (f.) to be chilly, as when bathing early in the early morning (g.) a wide range of the kalo (taro) with purple stalks. Tongan-bogi, to squint, to blink bogia, to faint bogibogi, morning the forenoon fakabogi, murder faka-bogibogi, the foodstuff for the early morning (b.) to wink to close the eyes as in wanting at the solar. Having the colours of “shot” silk variegated poniponi, the early dawn of the early morning (b.) kapa (native fabric) painted in distinct colors (c.) the distinct but rather blended colours of changeable silk (d.) mixing, mingling as different colors mingling, as perfumes sweet-smelling, as a fragrance hoo-poni, to be of a black or deep purple color (b.) to have a mixture of colours to be purple. Quite the earliest, of whom we have any reliable continues to be, are Pericles and Alcibiades, with Thucydides of the same era, all of them correct, pointed, terse and wealthier in thoughts than diction.

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