Protein Powder Vs Food

Why protein powder rather than solely more food?

The reasons for eating protein powders instead of food are frequently due to the high bioavailability of its, digestion speed and cost effectiveness as well as simplicity.

Bioavailability (BV)

Bioavailability refers to the power of the body to absorb a food type upon digestion. At the time of introducing the BV, eggs have been considered to have the greatest bioavailability of any food source and thus it was provided a BV of hundred. However since this time as is included in other articles, protein powders have been determined to have an improved BV compared to eggs, with some protein powders rating as large as 170 when combined with stomach enzymes. Essentially this implies that if you supplement with protein powders the body of yours absorbs much more of the protein throughout the digestion process than any sturdy food source.

Digestion Speed

As was talked about earlier in Try this page; visit this page, article, some protein powders could start digestion in as quickly as ten mins after ingestion. Of any food source, once more the protein of eggs is one of probably the fastest digesting proteins. However this particular protein in eggs will take aproximatelly two hours as well as the proteins in foods like chicken and tuna fish can take 3 hours for your body to digest and process and be absorbed into the blood stream.

After a hard workout or perhaps strenuous exercise even 60 mins can be too long for the muscles of yours to wait for protein. It is recognized by those who work out that the most important moment to have a protein shake is immediately before exercise. Right after exercise the body of yours will have higher absorption of food in order to rebuild muscles and replenish energy. If perhaps the body of yours does not get adequate nutrition to begin this process it is able to cause ongoing muscle break down (catabolism) after the physical exercise of yours is finished. Due to the much slower digestion speeds of food proteins it’s not possible to feed muscle tissue with ample protein immediately just before work out to maximise muscle as well as fitness gains with no protein shakes.

Cost Effectiveness and Simplicity

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